Thursday, 13 February 2014

Review - NuCast Mitten Scissor Clamp

For the most part, we're all gadget junkies. There are always new fly fishing things coming out each year that are supposed to make it easier for us and without much thought, we tend to buy into them. But what tools and gadgets are your most important? Think about it, what tools do you reach for the most when out on the water? Your nippers and hemostats are probably the two tools a fly anger uses the most when out fishing, so when I received my new scissor clamps from Pro Guide Direct, I was happy to see an old friend with new features. The NuCast mitten scissor clamp not only incorporated both tools into one functional tool but also improved upon it. The handles don't have any loops making it easy to grab and release by simply squeezing the tool, perfect for cold weather when gloves or mittens are needed (as I found out on a recent winter trip to the Bow River) and the foam handle makes sure you don't loose your grip, even when wet. They've also added an eye cleaning pin built right into the handle for clearing away the eyes of your flies where you've added a little to much head cement. Unlike conventional hemostats, NuCast improved the clamp using a click-lock design which made it super easy to quickly open the jaws and clamp down on your fly and the grooved combo tip made quick work when removing flies, pinching down barbs or attaching a split shot. The micro-serrated scissors are super sharp and made to last a long time which could replace your nippers or if you're like me, those $2.00 nail clippers that dull quickly. On top of all that, NuCast's scissor clamps are eye candy, the multi-coloured stainless steel will ensure these look great hanging from any fly vest. Yup, there's lots of new gadgets out there but every once in a while you get lucky and find something old that's been re-invented to make it new once again. Nice job NuCast.
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