Friday, 12 December 2008

No fishing for this guy since November. The snow isn't going anywhere now, it's settled in 'til spring with a new blanket every couple days or so. The temps have been ok so far in December but they're forecasting for -32c on Monday (that's -25.6F for my American friends). Ya I know that's dam cold. I started a new job, back into management and back into the liquor industry. I'm basically concentrating on that right now but I am working on a new video project. It's going slow, might have it done by middle of January. I haven't started my Christmas shopping yet, like most guys I wait 'til the last minute. I can usually find some really good deals in the last days before Christmas so it's all good. My yougests daughter Hunter just celebrated her 10th birthday on Wednesday. She's making me feel old, seems like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital all bundled up with that little touque and the little mits. I can't beleive it's been ten years already. Back in Novemeber I got an e-mail from JibJab regarding their make a dancing Elf website. I did a few up, one with Phil and one each for both of my daughters but just the other day I was checking out the Rogue Angels Blog and seen they did one with their fishing buddies. So I decided to do another one up with some of the guys at my fly fishing forum.

Your feature presentation. Staring: Gums (monster Pike), Jokey (forum moderator), Phil Rowley (forum expert), Ayer (he posts the most pics on the forum) and myself (administrator). Hope you enjoy.