Friday, 4 February 2011

Fly Fishing Central Podcast

Fly Fishing Central editor Paul Schmur and I made our way down to Calgary last Sunday for the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Expo.  Paul was interested in meeting some of the contributors to our site face to face and introduce himself to others that we may be working with in the future. I had made arrangements to do a podcast with Phil Rowley but before the podcast, we visited a few of the booths and took notice of some featured products.  I've never tied a tube fly before and honestly never gave them much thought but after visiting the Superfly booth, I think there might be some pike that will be quite upset this spring.  Spey rods don't really have any place in my future plans but I found the casting demonstration to be both interesting and educational.  I was also impressed with the Rite Bobbin, it gives the fly tier the ability to perform a hatch hitch and a whip finish with the bobbin itself. And of course saying hi to old buddies like Bill Robertson from the fishin' hole is always fun.  As I had already stated, the main reason for going to the show was to record our first Fly Fishing Central podcast.  This will be one of many podcasts to come and we kicked it off with stillwater expert and good friend Phil Rowley.  Take a listen to the podcast here. [Phil Rowley Podcast].