Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I keep missing fishing dates

Saturday night was the Edm Tu & NLFT&F's fundraiser at Bo-Diddley's. I missed that due to family issues. Monday was the monthly TU meeting. I missed that due to my nine year olds science fair (I helped her with the project part of Saturday & all day Sunday, it was a project on the human stomach. Why the stomach? I'm not really sure but it turned out well). Of course I let my daughter Hunter (on the left) and her science partner Cali, color, paste and write out all the information them selves. When I got to the fair I found out that apparently, I could have done all the work for her. Hmm. Anyway, between work and family, I just can't seem to get out to any fishing events. I hope the summer is a little kinder to me.

Speaking of work and summer, not only do I guide in the warmer months but I also DJ. Not to toot may own horn; but I am pretty good. Ok, I'm tooting my own horn. Anyway, I specialize in weddings, birthdays and company parties. The season will be starting up again in March and by May I'm usually working every Saturday night until October. If you're looking for a DJ, check out the company I work for; AJ'S Group. For those that have been to West Edmonton Mall, you may remember AJ as the piano guy at Sherlock Holmes back about 10 years ago. Now you can find him at O'Maille's Irish Pub.

In my last post I put up some videos that I personally enjoy watching. Well the video with the great cinematography has few more up on the net. The company's name is Danica. Check out both of these. Teaserkort & Teaserlang. I love both of these videos, just awesome to watch. I hope this is what we can expect from the Trout Bums Diaries Tour coming to the Edmonton Public Library on March 6.

If you've got a small boat (14' or smaller) and you'd like to haul it around o
n the roof of your vehicle but it's just to heavy and awkward for one person, you may be interested in this. I think it's a great idea. There's even one for a canoe. Best Selling Boat Loader In The World.

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