Saturday, February 16, 2008

A.F.F.F. 1st Annual Conclave

After many, many years running The Fishin' Alberta Message Board, last spring I finally started up my own fly-fishing message board called the Alberta Fly Fishing Forum. This came about from a few e-mails I received from folks that were now left with a void due to Dave Jensen closing down his popular board, the Fly Fish Alberta Forum. My new board has been up now for only 10 months and is doing very well. It now enjoys a membership of 653 anglers as I write this and growing more every week. Of course not everyone participates on the forum, a lot just look and read but our core group of posters are a bunch of great guys and gals. I would like to see more members getting involved but if not so be it, no pressure here. Day in and day out on the board, we get to know some of the members but you can't really put a face or a voice to the posting name so I thought it would be a nice idea for a forum fly-fishing get together. A conclave if you will. Everything was done democratically, as we voted on the the month, weekend, area, and campground we'll stay at. Here is what we came up with.

The 1st Alberta Fly Fishing Forum Conclave has been set for May 3rd & 4th and we decided it will be held in the Rocky Mountain House area at Prairie Creek Provincial Recreation Area. There are many fisheries open at this time of year in the Rocky area with the six most popular being:

* Stauffer Creek (North Raven River)
* Beaver Lake (special regulations)

* Prairie Creek
* Ironside Pond (C&R regulations)
* Clearwater River
* Phyllis Lake (stocked with some brood stock)

If you are planning on attending, please post so we can get a count. In your post, please state if you are for sure coming, if there is an excellent chance of you coming or if you are going to try but not really sure.

Also in your post, give us an idea of a few activities we could do as a group both during the day and on Saturday night (for example, a one hour, one fly, biggest fish competition during the day and wings and beer on Sat night). Also, are you interested in a group site or individual sites?

This looks like a good time and a nice way to meet other members of the forum. All are welcome, hope you can participate.

FOR SURE = So far we have 6 for sure (barring really
bad weather)
Excellent Chance = We have 2 that barring work or other things that can come up are in.
I'll Try My Best = 2 members have said they'll try and make it.

AFFF Conclave Countdown

So if you haven't checked out my forum as of ye
t and you'd like to join us on a fly-fishing conclave, become a member and come along. All members are welcome.

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