Thursday, February 21, 2008

My fly is not so original

When I invented the X-mas Chronie, I fashioned it from the Illuminator. There were obvious changes. Bead head, colors, materials, etc... So lately I've been in correspondence with an American fly angler by the name of Joni who apparently has a version of my X-Mas Chronie. Her pattern is a little different but basically the same tie. She uses a copper bead and copper wire wrap as well she named her pattern the 'Irish Spring'. As you can see, it looks pretty darn close. I guess Phil was right. There are no new flies out there. Somebody somewhere has already thought of it. I guess the trick is to add your own little personality traits to it, traits that will catch you lots of fish to boot. What really caught my eye though was a double pupa fly. I've seen this done with other patterns but never a chironomid. I asked Joni if the catch rates were higher with the double and she responded; "I have caught fish on the double, but don't notice it being an improvement. More one of those flies for the fisher. But I did tie some for a swap and one of the FF's here did well with it." Definitely an intersting tie Joni and maybe worth a try come spring. Thanks for the use of your pics.

Just a reminder not to forget the Trout Unlimited fundrasier happening this Saturday night February 23 in conjunction with the Northern Lights fly tyers & Fishers. It all takes place at Bo Diddley's Roadhouse (11650 142 Street) starting at 6:00pm. Tickets are available at the door for $12.50 and that gets you a steak sandwich with caesar salad served at what ever time you order it. If you're at all worried about not knowing anyone, just show up and sit at the table with me and my wife, we're fairly hospitable.
We'll be raffling off a Winston Boron flyrod and a Loomis GL4 fly rod. There is also a silent auction featuring fishing and non-fishing related items and a 50/50 draw. Come and bid on silent auction items and support the chapter. I believe that NLFT&F's will be donating some of the money raised to Casting For Life as well.

Also, there will be an Edmonton chapter TU meeting on Monday February 25 in the Seminar room at the Northgate Lions Seniors Centre (7524 139 Avenue) at 7:30 pm. Our guest speaker from the Alberta Conservation Association will be talking about a restoration project on Bearberry Creek (near Sundre). Hope to see you come out as all are welcome even if you haven't yet purchased a membership this year.

I'm trying to get the wife to let me go fish the Bow now that we're seeing temps up above zero but I seem to be getting some resistance. Seems there's a lot of chores that need to be done around the house. Hmmmm! Shack Nasites really setting in now! This fishing game I found only gets me through a few minutes, I'm going snaky.

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