Friday, February 15, 2008

Phil Rowley has left Superfly?

So at the NLFT&F's meeting on Wed night, someone asked why I wasn't at Phil Rowley's party. I told them that I didn't know Phil was having a party. So when I get home, I phoned him up and left a message on his answering machine, asking if I missed his birthday or something (I know it's not his birthday 'cause we both celebrated our birthdays together at the Keg last year in May).

Well when I got home this evening, I checked the answering machine and Phil had left a message saying it was his bon-voyage party as he has left Superfly for a new job. And if I wanted to know more I would have to call him.
"Huh? Left Superfly? He's not moving is he? What the? I'd Better call him".
So, I phoned him up and sure enough, tonight (Friday) was his last night with Superfly. He then goes on to explain he was offered an opportunity that he couldn't resist. He would still have ties with Superfly and his Stillwater Solutions tying materials as well as presenting for Superfly at some of the shows doing tying demonstrations. Ok, so now I'm going nuts and I ask him; "So who ya working for?" He tells me that he is the new director of marketing & communications for the TV show The New Fly Fisher. Unbelievable! Wow! Talk about a dream come true. So I told him, if he needs any help (scraping barnacles of the bottom of boats, hooking trout on the end of lines for good camera shots, etc...) better call me dude. To top it off, he doesn't have to move to where the head office is in Ontario, he can work out of his home in Sherwood Park. All I got to say is; congratulations Phil, you deserve it buddy.

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