Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some pretty cool videos

Just added these to my favorites on YouTube. I have fun looking for videos that I actually enjoy watching. I might enjoy them for different reasons. This one I enjoy for the calm serenity I feel while watching it. It reminds me of how i feel when I'm on a stillwater fishery. Check it out;

Here's one that I really enjoyed because of the cinematography. Who ever shot this is very good at their craft. I believe it's a trailer for a film called "Fly-fishing Europe".

If you fish you've definitely heard this song by Brad Paisley before and more than likely saw the video. It's always fun to watch it a few times every year however, so if you haven't watched it in a while, give it a look.

This video is for the guys. Ya, Chicks Gone Fly-Fishing (behind the scenes). What can I say? I'm weak to the sins of flesh. How does that song go? "You can look at the menu but you just can't eat." Words to live by when you're married. That was a big hit in the 80's. Remember the name? 'No One Is To Blame' by Howard Jones.

I didn't make it out to the TU Edmonton / NLFT&F's fundraiser at Bo-Diddley's on Sat night. Had some family issues come up that had to get dealt with and it was way to late by the time things were settled. I was looking forward to it too. Oh well, next year. I heard they had a good turn out though. Hope they raised some good money.

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