Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 14... Bahhhhh Hum Bug! & Denny Rickards

Happy Valentines Day! Went out and bought my wife a nice card and a heart shaped box of chocolates. She's working 'til 8:00 tonight so she hasn't received her gift as of yet. I know it's not much but I'm not a real Valentines day guy. Just knowing it was invented by the greeting card companies has turned me sour towards it. At least with Christmas it has deep meaning underneath all the commercialism. Anyway, looking forward to the Oilers game on TV tonight. They're just off a fresh win against Minnesota and tonight are playing the San Jose Sharks. I really should be shoveling the driveway but I just don`t feel like it. So it`s going to + (plus) temperatures here in Edmonton for a few days. If you`re not familiar with Alberta weather we have a saying here... If you don`t like the weather; wait a couple hours. Our weather changes so dramatically at times. Last week we were into this cold snap of -35 degrees Celsius (that`s -31 Fahrenheit for our USA brothers out there). Now for tomorrow, the temps will be reaching +5 Celsius (41 F). Monday for many Albertan folk is a holiday known as Family Day. Well, Family Day in Calgary will be +3, perfect for a day fly-fishing the Bow River. I know, that sounds selfish. After all, the day is supposed to be spent doing something with the family. Which is exactly why I wanted to get the whole family into fishing. Not to be however. So do I dare even ask the wife if I can go fish the Bow? Hmmmm....!?

Heh, I was looking (`cause I never really stop) for stillwater info on the net and came across an interview with Denny Rickards presenting stillwater tactics on Fly Fish Radio. I don't agree with everything he believes but overall there's some real good info, give it a listen to here.

Oh, hockey game`s on. `Til tomorrow.

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