Saturday, March 1, 2008

I really need to go fishing

Oh, the shack nasties are really setting in now. Wetting a line is no longer a want and not just something to dream about but to maintain sanity, it has now become a need. I'm gonna start to plan something in the next couple of days and see who out of my fishing buddies is on board for a day trip to Cowtown. Phil messaged me about a doing a Bow trip soon but if you've ever seen his schedule in early season from Feb 'til early June... well let's just say we'll be fishing the Bow in July sometime.

I'm sure you remember reading about the world record Rainbow caught in Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan this last summer by The Fish Geeks. Adam Konrad hooked and landed a massive Rainbow using a Mepps Syclops spinner. The Rainbow officially weighed in at 43.6 pounds to break the old record established in 1970 at 42 lbs 2 oz caught at Bell Island, Alaska. Well now there's a video coming out entitled "Diefenbaker Rainbow DVD". By clicking on the title you can download the trailer video to your own PC. These really are some 'Big Ass Bows'.

Of course fly-fishing is the first thing I think of when I wake up and the last thing I think of when I fall asleep (on a normal day). But one of my other passions is severe weather. I'm simply obsessed with lightening strikes and tornadoes. If you find yourself with this same obsession (and many do) here's s great site I've been visiting for quite a while. has video taped some of the best tornado footage ever seen and Reed Timmer was even there for the Pipestone tornado that hit Manitoba last year. These guys are the extreme when it comes to tornado footage.

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