Sunday, March 9, 2008

What, this old fly?

I've been getting quite a few e-mails from folks asking what fly I was using to catch those monster Pike at Wab yesterday.

You mean this one?

Phil Rowley tied this up and gave it to me at the fishin' hole outdoor show last year when he was tying up some patterns at the Superfly booth. I never got the name of the fly when he gave it to me so I phoned him today and asked him what it is. He of course didn't remember so I described it to him. After some investigation Phil, Brent and myself all believe it's a simplified version of a white popsicle leech. I sent a pic to Phil via e-mail so he'll let me know Monday what he truly thinks it is.

Outcast has come up with some new products for 2008. Some of them I'm rather interested in so I thought I would point them here on my blog.

Almost all of Outcast's float tubes have been re-designed with the new "Line Control System" or LCS. The tubes in both the Fish Cat and Fat Cat series now incorporate an adjustable height stripping apron for easy entry and exit and a tension apron surface for better control of stripping line.

The new Discovery 10-IR is also new. This new 10ft pontoon boat, offers a unique casting deck and lean bar which deploys and stows easily, allowing the angler to stand up for better casting or sight fishing on both rivers and stillwaters It offers many more features including a 450lb weight capacity and can be purchased for just under $1,000.

Anglers inflatable PFD. I don't think we can get these in Canada as they aren't approved by the Canadian Coast Guard (but I could be wrong). However, they are approved by the USCG. This unit is manually inflated and one size fits all. The cost of this PFD is only $95.00. Mustang's similar PFD goes for $160.00.

The other new product I'm interested in is their re-designed wader bag. It has both wet and dry storage compartments, a fold out mat and extra pockets. It comes in two sizes: small = 19x10x13 @ $60.00 and large = 24x12x16 @ $75.00.

If you'd like to check out their web site you can view it here and see what else is new.

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