Monday, March 10, 2008

It is a popsicle leech

In my last post, we were looking for the name of the fly I used to catch those Wabamun Pike on Saturday. Well, we've gone one better and not only found the name but got the recipe too. Phil has confirmed that the fly is indeed a Popsicle leech and here's what you'll need to tie it.

Hook= R74 #2 4XL
Thread = Orange 6/O
Tail = White Marabou & UV Pearl Flashabou (aka Blue Ice)
Body = Pearlessence Crystal Chenille
Body Hackle = UV Pearl Polar Chenille
Front Hackle = Grey Strung Marabou
Head = Orange Cone

To see the video, go to Phil's site, sign up (free), and search for popsicle leech.

Hey, looks like someone decided to make a couple bucks off of my X-Mas Chironomid pattern. I found it for sale on ebay. I e-mailed the tier/seller and let him know that the pattern calls for a silver bead and the red butt section should only take up 1/3 of the body. You can see it for sale here... X-Mas Chironomid on ebay.

Here's a pic of my original.

For those of you that live in Edmonton, don't forget the Edmonton Boat and Sportsman Show is this weekend. The Northern Lights fly tyers will be there teaching the young ones how to tie flies. Drop buy and say hi to the guys.

Thought I'd leave you this video. 'The Making Of The Orvis Helios Fly Rod'. I think the vid is pretty cool, maybe you'll enjoy it too.

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