Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh snow you di-in't!

In my last post I did some venting about the snow that fell Friday night. It helped to vent a bit but of course it had to snow Saturday night as well. My wedding season kicked off Saturday night with my first gig of 2008. The show rocked and everyone was pleased especially the Bride but what a crappy way to end off a great night. MORE SNOW! So in the last couple days the snow has been melting with these plus temperatures and it's feeling like Spring again. That is until this Saturday coming up when the forecast calls for snow again! And of course it has to happen on the weekend, it would be way too much to ask for plus temperatures on Saturday and Sunday now wouldn't it. Yes I'm venting again.

Of course the reason I want all this snow gone and the warm temps to return is so I can spend some time fishing for monster Pike at Wabamun again before it closes on April 1st. I guess I could watch this video over and over again but I don't have to tell you, it's just not the same. Not allowed to embed the video for some reason but it is one of the better Pike videos I've come across.

Pike Action Video

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