Monday, March 3, 2008

Trout Bums cancelled, now I'm bummed out

I was really looking forward to the Trout Bum Film Tour coming to Edmonton. They were supposed to be here on Thursday March 6 showing their film at the Edmonton Public Library. According to their Blog, we should have been expecting to see; "films shot in extreme, exotic and distant locations; epic scenery, cutting edge music, and conservation pieces that are as entertaining to watch, as they are important; and of course gigantic fish on the end of a fly." Well, with a description like that you can see why I'm disappointed they canceled. I wonder if they canceled because of low ticket sales? I looked but other than the Edmonton date being removed from their schedule, I couldn't find any mention of the cancellation. I was planning on buying a ticket at the door. I guess everyone else had the same idea. For those that just have to see it, the show in Calgary is still on for Wed March 12.

Speaking of film (or is it video?). Talked to Phil tonight and asked him what plans he has as the new Director of Marketing and Communications of the TV show 'The New Fly Fisher'. Phil told me he's got feelers out for some new and exciting destinations to shoot new episodes. Some new locales may include areas of California, the Yukon and possibly even right here in the Edmonton area. I told Phil he needs to do a show on Lake Deifenbaker, catching 20+lb rainbows on flies after dark. Could you imagine the take by one of these pigs while you're holding a fly rod? Of course he'll need some scouting reports and I'm always up for that.

And that reminds me of this dragonfly pattern. It was Phil that first designed it as a booby fly (although it was pretty plain) . I suggested the marabou body and tail, the wing case as well as some silly legs to give it some life. The final pattern is what you see here. The idea with a booby fly is to fish it on the bottom with a sinking line and enough leader to keep the fly just above the top of the weeds. The big foam eyes and foam body will keep the fly buoyant and with some experimental stripping, you should be able to find a retrieve that the trout can not refuse. Just a warning though. Hold on to your rod. From my experiences, the takes on this fly are very intense. As far as I know, this pattern still doesn't have a name so if you come up with one that is catchy enough, let me know.

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