Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My First Video Blog

I was asked to be a guest on The New Fly Fisher TV show with host Phil Rowley. The idea for the show was to educate viewers on water boatman and backswimmers during the fall season. After much anticipation on my part, we shot the show at Muir Lake on Tuesday September 30 with many a trout netted using different tactics. I caught on video some of what was going on when I had the chance but most of the time I was busy doing something for the show so I didn't get a lot video. What I did get, I put on my very first video blog. Take a look at my V.B. and let me know your opinion, should this be a monthly feature to my blog or am I just better off sticking with written posts? Before you hit the video play button, make sure you pause the music track on my playlist.

I just wanted to say thanks to Phil, the camera man Robyn and The New Fly Fisher TV show. I had a blast. Now, who is it I send my resume to for your job Phil?


winonaflyfactory said...

If your alright with it I'm going to add this as a link on my site. I could learn a thing or two from you. Also, thanks for the detailed information on the flies you tie. I appreciate it.


Mike (Doc) Monteith said...

Anytime you have a question, feel free to ask. If I can help you out, I will. Glad you like the flies.


winonaflyfactory said...

oh, i don't know if it left a link to my site but its

thanks again!

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