Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Days are getting shorter... and colder

When the weather changes here in north-central Alberta, there's no dickin' around. On September 30 we were hitting 27 degrees Celsius (that's 80.6F for my American friends). Tonight we're expecting to hit 0 degrees (32F) with a high of 8 for Thursday and by Saturday night it's supposed to hit -5 (23F). In the summer here, the sun stays in the sky long enough to fish 'til after 11pm at times. Now it's dark by 7pm. With days like that, it's hard to get motivated and get yourself out on the water. But we still do. I got out last Saturday, again to Muir Lake. Although I did get some trout on the boatman and backswimmers, the catch rates were quite low. I ended up switching over to a bloodworm and caught a couple on that as well. Fished mostly in 7-10ft of water as the trout are staying mostly in the shallows. I got one of those trout (about 20 inches) on video but I'm using that for a video I'm putting together on Muir Lake.

I'm thinking about heading out to Wab with Phil on the weekend and trying for some of those monster Pike. I'll make sure I take my video cam with me and see if I can get some of those up on the blog. Phil e-mailed a couple of pics from the TV show taping so I'll share those with you here.

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