Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Video Blog #2

If you're interested in fly fishing for Pike, here's the set up I use.

Fishing in no more than 10ft of water, I use a nine weight rod with 9 weight floating line and matching reel. I start my leader with 2ft of 30lb mono from the fly line followed by 2ft of 20lb mono. Attached to that I use Rio's "Toothy Critter" nylon coated wire leader. Flies of choice are cone head popsicle leeches (all assorted colors but white has worked best for me), 1/2 & 1/2's and clouser minnows. Best presentation for me has been a strip, strip, pause. The Pike usually take it on the pause. Other important equipment is:

Large landing net or cradle
Long forceps or needle nose pliers
Jaw spreaders

Good luck!

Still looking for comments on the whole video blog thing. Keep it or kick it to the curb?


troutfisherwill said...

Great video seemed like you had some fun or you would have had more footage. Never personally fished wab open water but seems like a blast

Mike (Doc) Monteith said...

Thanks Will, it was a blast. We did get into some bigger ones in the 10-12 lb range but we didn't hook into any of the monster we were looking for. Still waiting to land the 40 something inch Wabamun Pike. I know they're there. Tell you one thing though, I'll have a bigger net or a cradle before I go again. It's a bitch to handle those big sharks without one.

stan otto said...

I enjoyed the video Doc. Great tips and footage on pike fishing. Keep it up!

Mike (Doc) Monteith said...

Thanks Stan. That's the kind of feedback I was looking for. Whether it's pro or against folks, let me know what you think about the video blogs.

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