Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I didn't want to post again 'til I took some fishy pics to add here. Well; I'm posting anyway. That's right, no pics. Seams I'm in a rut right now. I fished Muir on Sunday September 14 & the 24. I also fished tonight for 3.5 hours. I landed some decent fish on the 14th but forgot my camera. On the 24th, I lost all fish I hooked into. Both last Sunday and tonight were information trips as I wanted to try all the methods that I know of regarding fishing boatman patterns. I fished floating and weighted boatman on a floating line and on both tradition and uniform sinking lines. I also tried both floating and weighted boatman in tandem first with the floating on the point and then later as the dropper. About the only method I didn't use was a boatman under an indicator (which works great at Dolberg Lake by the way). I used various retrieves; a slow hand twist, long slow strips, short quick strips, twitching with long pauses, fast long strips, etc, etc... Both the floating and weighted boatman on the floating line got more attention using a slow long retrieve with long pauses. The most hook-ups (although few and far between) on both types of sinking lines came from quick short 3-4 inch strips. The next three or so weeks up north here should be boatman/backswimmer heaven so get those flies tied. As far as my catch rates? None! Tonight I got broken off four times, had three Ralphies and lots of takes where trout were on for about one second. But none to the net. Anbody got a good prescription for RUT?

On another note I've puchased an HD video cam and have started recording some interesting things. I've been throwing around the idea of doing a feature "video blog" once amonth with fishing footage and whatnot but haven't made up my mind yet on that one. At the least you can look forward to some video projects on my blog in the future.


Steve Dobson said...

Can't wait to see some of the video.

Mike (Doc) Monteith said...

Thanks Steve. They won't be coming hard and fast as I don't want to throw anything up that's just half-ass. But don't expect it to be nominated for an Oscar either. I'm just learning this video stuff ;) Right now I'm working on a short piece about Muir Lake. Problem is with this rut I'm in I can't get any footage of those lunker rainbows 'cause they keep breaking me off.

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