Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tying My Favorite Midge Patterns

I spent both Saturday and Sunday tying midge fly patterns. Three patterns in sizes 16, 14, 12 & 10. In the order they appear here, these three are my all time favorite stillwater midge patterns.

#1. Redd October

This is a very simple midge larva pattern and the most productive pattern I've ever used. I invented this bloodworm pattern based on the red holographic butt section of my third favorite midge pattern, the X-mas Chronie. The trout's response to the Redd October was simply unbelievable. I've never had as much success with any other fly before or since. For step-by-step tying instruction and recipe go to my web site here.

#2. Doc's Thread Midge

I came up with my version of the thread midge in the summer of 2006 after a day fishing deep for lunker rainbows at Star Lake. Black chironomids were emerging and I was doing well until I ran out of black colored patterns. When I got home I went to tie up a dozen but didn't have any black material for the body so I just used black 8/O thread. When I went back to Star the next day, the fishing was even better so I've been tying them this way ever since. Click the pic for a larger view.

Hook: Mustad C-49S sizes #18 - #8
Thread: Black 8/O (other colors can be used)
Head: Black Bead size 3/32
Body: Black 8/O thread
Rib: Fine gold wire
Thorax: Peacock Hurl
Gills: Stillwater Solutions Midge Gill (white yarn)
The shine on the fly is from applying Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails.

#3. X-Mas Cronie

I invented this pattern at a Flies 'N' Beer night at my old club (Santannas). I wasn't sure if the fly would work or not but when I got out to Muir I couldn't keep the trout off. I tie this pattern on a Mustad C-49S Caddis Curved hook but it can be tied on any caddis hook. I've had outstanding success with this pattern on every stillwater fishery I've wet a line and if you give it a try, I'm sure you will too. For the recipe and step-by-step tying instructions, visit my web site here.

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