Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Entomology Continued

I found some more videos regarding entomology. These videos are fly fishing related as apposed to the last ones I posted. I hope you enjoy them.

This first video deals with the bugs you find in streams.

This next video deals specifically with the Damselfly nymph.

So as of today still not able to get out to any open water around Edmonton. We had a horrid snow storm that started Saturday and finished on Tuesday. Even up here in north-central Alberta, we don't usually get snow storms like that in April. The storm dropped over 30cm's of Snow (that's just shy of a foot for my American friends). The snow is starting to melt now and should all be gone by Sunday (again). Let's hope that that's the end of the snow 'til October. Since I'm wishing, I might as well wish for no snow 'til the end of November.

For all you hockey fans out there, you probably heard that the Calgary Flames (Edmonton Oilers arch rival) were eliminated last night by the San Jose Sharks. Being an Oilers fan, it's hard to root for the Flames but since they are a Canadian, I was hoping they would win. Since they didn't win though, I'd like to add...

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