Saturday, April 12, 2008

Naked Chick With Dick?

So what's all the internet buzz about right now? Well it has to do with fly-fishing. It also has to do with a naked woman. And a very well known someone by the name of Dick Cheney. This Whitehouse photograph of Mr. Cheney shows a great big smile and some nice dark sunglasses. But check out the reflection in the glasses. You gotta admit, it does look like a naked woman. For the whole story click here and draw your own conclusion. Oh; and how 'bout that title for todays blog post eh? Ya, I came up with that all by myself (Doc pats himself on the back). I wonder how many perv's will end up here?

Nice catch! But is it really fishing? I guess it could be considered fishing but it's definitely not my idea of fishing. This trout was caught at an indoor fishery located at Ouldleusen, near Dalfsen in the Netherlands.

Just outside of Edmonton close to Spruce Grove and just off the Devon highway, there's a pay and play pond. The name of the place slips my mind at the moment but my buddy Brent and I stopped in there one day just to take a look. We were told it's stocked with both rainbow trout and steelhead. The way it works is whatever you catch, you must keep and at the time we were there it cost $2.00 an inch. Now in my mind, that's not fishing as the pond is so small you could easily cast across it. I guess it would be ok to get a small child started into the sport of fishing but for an adult, I just don't see the sport in it. So an indoor pond would definitely be out of the question even at this time of year when our waters are either frozen over or closed to fishing. Your thoughts?

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