Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pimpin' Your 'Toon

With the warm weather arriving, the excitement of getting out for your first trip of the year is always at the front of your mind. Up here in north-central Alberta however, the lakes are still locked in ice. So not much to do but tie some flies and get your equipment ready. Or you could try Pimpin' Your 'Toon. There are many pontoon accessories available at your local tackle shop that will make your day on the water a little more simplistic and enjoyable. But what do you do if money's a little tight or you can't find exactly what it is that you envision? For the handy guy, why not just build it? While recently visiting the Alberta Outdoorsman fishing forum, I came across Badger's pimped out pontoon boat. Most of it he built with his own hands and out of his own imagination. Check out his ride here and let me know of some pimpin' accessories you've added to your 'toon.

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