Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here Comes The Rain Again

June in Alberta was one of the driest on record. Farmers in the Camrose area declared a local state of agricultural disaster as extremely dry weather conditions damaged to up to 80% of their crops and cattle producers are struggling as the majority of their pasture lands dried up. July however has been a complete turn around. Some parts of Alberta has seen well over 100ml of rain in a couple of days and reports of funnel clouds have been spotted in many areas throughout Alberta. We even had a tornado touch down near Bentley Alberta. If you had plans to hit some streams and rivers this week, you may be a little p.o'ed as the reports coming in on the Alberta Fly Fishing Forum are seeing blown out conditions. High, chocolate brown water around the Hinton area have been reported with the Wildhay, Berland and the Muskeg rivers having very high flow rates. A high streamflow advisory has been issued for the Smoky River and all its tributaries in north central Alberta and more rain is predicted for the future days ahead. Well, I feel for ya. But all is not lost. Alberta's trout lakes got some much needed topping up as lake levels have been very low since last fall and water temps in these lakes needed a litlle cooling off. The fishing around Edmonton's local lakes has been good and hopefully should get even better. Got out to Star Lake on July 5th with my buddy Phil and we did well fishing in deeper water using a static presentation with chironomid and leech patterns. We both got into some good size trout with the largest of the day being this 23" rainbow caught on a Redd October bloodworm. If you've had trouble finding big fish in the past or find stillwaters a little intimidating, why not book a stillwater trip or clinic with me and I can show you how to find Walter for yourself. Visit my website AbertaStillwaters.Com for more information.

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