Monday, June 1, 2009

How much do you love your fly rod?

I posted back in February about how I won a new fly rod. I don't win stuff very often, I'm just not one of those lucky types and usually if I do win something, it's not something I can get overly excited about. This time however, I won something that totally blew me away. The rod is called the Wind Warrior - Stillwater and made by a Canadian company (Amundson Outdoors). It was designed with me in mind. By that of course, I mean stillwater fly anglers. The model I received was a #5 - 10ft - 4pc and before I received it, my expectations were fairly low. After all, it's a new product from a company I've heard very little about. I already own a St.Croix Legend Ultra #6 - 10ft - 4pc which I consider to be a great casting, fast action rod. I can shoot line out of my St.Croix pretty good and although I originally bought it for casting big nymphs and streamers on the Bow, it quickly became my go-to-rod for hard blowing days on the lakes. Things have changed however as I now have a new go-to-rod for my stillwater fishing. I've had the great pleasure of casting the Wind Warrior Stillwater on my last four trips out and I'm really enjoying this rod more and more with every outing. The rod shoots line like a canon, has some good back bone that cuts line through the wind like a knife and the sensitive tip aids in detecting strikes. I don't plan on retiring my Sage RPL anytime soon but it definitely won't see anywhere near the use it once did. As a matter of fact, I like this rod so much, I've looked into selling them online at my new site AlbertaStillwaters.Com. Which makes me pose the question: How much do you love your fly rod?

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts are the exact same as yours on the rod Mike! I've been using the 10' 6wt 4 pc, and haven't used any other rod on lakes since I've got it lol. The Wind Warrior is a cannon!

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