Saturday, January 10, 2009

The New Northern Lights Chapter Of T.U.

I can't believe it's already January 10 of 2009. Time feels like it's just whipping by and yet in the same breath, it feels like I haven't wet a line for a really long time. Another Christmas has come and gone and a very long cold snap here has finally ended. We had many, many days of -30c temps (or colder) and not very many warmer then -20c in the last three weeks. Today it hit 0c for the first time since, well, I don't remember (a long time). The new job is going well. Another month at it and I should be ready for a few trips south for some Bow River fly-fishing.

Some news for North Central Alberta fisher folk. The Edmonton Chapter of Trout Unlimited will be merged in with The Northern Lights Fly Tyers & Fishers club. TU Edmonton was originally started by fly anglers as a way to get together to #1, start conservation projects on the waters in North Central Alberta and #2: meet once a month in the winter for informative, educational and entertaining programs. With the formation of the Rocky Mountain House chapter of TU, most of the waters we fish have now fallen under their chapter and with the NLFT&F's popularity growing each year, members were reluctant to come out to TU meetings as much the same programs can be seen at their weekly club meetings leaving conservation as the Edmonton chapter's only draw. And conservation just isn't sexy enough to put warm butts in the seats. This last Wednesday, the executive of the NLFT&F's and T.U. Edmonton pitched the concept of a merger of the two clubs with one meeting per month dedicated to Trout Unlimited and cold water conservation. The club will now be known as the Northern Lights chapter of Trout Unlimited. Memberships will have to be worked out as far as this coming year but eventually, to join you will need a T.U. membership. This will open up a lot more doors for the Northern Lights club as far as raising money for worthwhile causes as well as giving conservation efforts more exposure. I'm really excited about this merger and if you're in the Edmonton area, I hope you are too.

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