Monday, June 2, 2008

#%&@ing Garage

You may remember back in April when I was doing the spring cleaning around the house. That was no big deal, there wasn't any fly-fishing available anyway. What I was dreading was the cleaning of the garage.

A buddy of mine (Chris) just moved back to Edmonton from Manitoba. His family owns a lodge up in Northern Manitoba called Athapap Lodge. Chris used to work for me at my night club as the manager. I took him out fly-fishing a few times and hooked him good but he met a girl and they got married and moved back to Manitoba to raise their family. Would you believe while he was there for the last seven years he took up golf and did very little fishing? Ya, I don't get it either. Anyway, he's just moved back as a job opportunity opened up for him that he couldn't refuse. He asked me to join him on Saturday afternoon for a round of golf at Sturgeon Valley in St. Albert. So I went along instead of keeping with my plans to hit a local lake. I should have just went fishing, especially after my second snowman. I used to play quite a bit when I was in the club scene but now I may get out four or five times a year and to be perfectly blunt; I suck now.

So Sunday comes along and the plan is for me and the entire family to clean the garage and then I would take off and get some fishing in. I've been waiting since October to get out and fish my favorite lakes so letting a weekend go by without wetting a line seems to me like the Pope missing Sunday Mass. Now you're probably wondering how my fishing went. Ya, I didn't go. As a matter of fact, we didn't even finish the garage. I don't know where all that stuff came from but man, it was like removing a mountain. Three (not kidding), three truck loads of garbage bag filled clothes went to charity on Sunday. My garbage pile at the end of the driveway was up to the sky. I threw away things I didn't even knew I had (but i figured if I never used it before I sure won't use it now). I still got half a garage filled with stuff but it's stuff I need so I gotta figure out what I'm gonna do with it. So now, next Sunday is a write off too. #%&@ing Garage.

On a positive note. The days are getting longer so getting in some fishing time after work will make a guy feel a whole lot better. I did get out to Chickakoo lake last Tuesday after hearing some reports that the lake may have overwintered (not winterkilled). I caught only Brookies even though the lake has been stocked with both Rainbows and Brook Trout. And yes, it does appear that the lake did overwinter as I caught Brookies in the both the six inch mark and the 11 inch mark. For those that live in the Edmonton area, if you haven't heard... Chickakoo has been stocked with triploid brookies and Muir with triploid rainbows this year. Wooo Whoo!!! So what time can you fish 'til up here at this time of year? Right now, at least 'til 10:30pm. The latest I've ever fished and still been able to see is 11:20pm on Star Lake with a client. The date was June 22, 2006.

Saw this fun shark fishing/surfing video (crazy bastard). Check it out .

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